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Why Philanthropy Matters

Warren Buffet famously once said “Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” Buffet was speaking about long-term investing but this quote applies to any enterprise worth undertaking. Putting this wisdom into action, Xerxes Mullan, Founder at Avestar Capital is making charitable communities a part of the larger growth story.

Avestar Capital is a global wealth management and advisory firm based in New York with an office in Mumbai offering cross-border services and offshore investments across the US and India. While it acts as a financial partner that helps clients maximize their philanthropy and improve their charity, Avestar Capital is also closely associated with NGOs to support charitable giving. Xerxes Mullan believes in giving back to the community and making tangible social impact. Philanthropy and charitable giving are not usually top-of-mind for many advisors. Xerxes believes that helping clients meet their charitable goals is not only the right thing to do but that helping them do it the right way can add significant financial value. 

With wealth comes responsibility, to give back to society.

Xerxes was born and brought up in India but eventually moved to the US to pursue his education and now has a successful career in the US. As someone with firm roots in India but a foot in the US, Xerxes wanted to give back by supporting Pratham – one of India’s largest non-governmental education organizations which also has a USA chapter known as Pratham USA. A closer look reveals that 1 in 5 people in India cannot read and write and of the 26 million children who attend first grade, most are unable to read or write until the fifth grade.

Reimagining learning with Pratham

Pratham was established in 1995 to provide education to children living in the slums of Mumbai with the mission “every child in school and learning well”. With 14 chapters across the country, Pratham USA raises awareness and financial resources for on-ground efforts. Achieving universal literacy is the first and foremost goal of the organization. Every child has the right to a quality education and Pratham works towards ensuring that the vicious cycle of poverty is put to an end by transforming the educational landscape. 

“We are passionate about this cause and hope to help through effective philanthropy and we want to try to bring about a change, especially with respect to girls’ education” – Shilpa Konduri, President – Avestar Capital

Pratham develops low-cost solutions to fill the gaps left behind by the education system and works in tandem with India’s state and local governments as well as communities and educators to enhance learning outcomes. Pratham re-imagines the way that learning outcomes are achieved and works towards improving the quality of education for children by implementing innovative techniques and enriching activities. “We are passionate about this cause and hope to help through effective philanthropy and we want to try to bring about a change, especially with respect to girls’ education ,” remarked Shilpa Konduri, President at Avestar Capital.   

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  India is the most populous country in the world with one-sixth of the world’s population. According to official estimates in 2022, India’s population stood at over 1.42 billion.

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Since Avestar Capital’s founding in 2017 with $250 million in AUM, we have grown exponentially and are proud to announce that we closed this year with AUM of $1 billion.


Avestar Capital specializes in strategic financial planning for high-net-worth individuals from the South Asian diaspora, offering tailored wealth management solutions that transcend international borders. With a focus on optimizing financial growth and security, they guide clients through intricate cross-border financial landscapes with expertise and precision.


According to a Ministry of External Affairs report,
32 million NRIs reside outside India;
and overseas Indians comprise the world’s largest overseas diaspora. 

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