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At Avestar Capital, we are committed to creating an inclusive workspace that helps our teams meet their professional and personal goals. Our team is our greatest strength. Led by a dynamic and diverse women-led executive team, we bring in different perspectives and collaborate together to serve our clients better. We support our team and ensure that we make a positive impact through our work.

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  India is the most populous country in the world with one-sixth of the world’s population. According to official estimates in 2022, India’s population stood at over 1.42 billion.

— Wikipedia

Since Avestar Capital’s founding in 2017 with $250 million in AUM, we have grown exponentially and are proud to announce that we closed this year with AUM of $1 billion.


Avestar Capital specializes in strategic financial planning for high-net-worth individuals from the South Asian diaspora, offering tailored wealth management solutions that transcend international borders. With a focus on optimizing financial growth and security, they guide clients through intricate cross-border financial landscapes with expertise and precision.


According to a Ministry of External Affairs report,
32 million NRIs reside outside India;
and overseas Indians comprise the world’s largest overseas diaspora. 

— Wikipedia