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Private Wealth Management
Exceptional wealth brings about exceptional intricacy. Avestar Capital Private Wealth Management blends the ample resources of a worldwide advisory firm with the personalized services of an investment boutique, providing a customized, hands-on strategy to aid families, foundations, and individuals in managing the various aspects – including their legacy – of their wealth.
Global Family Office Services
Avestar is a financial advisory firm that provides bespoke solutions for global family office with a focus on unparalleled client experience. Our dedicated professionals strive to provide the highest level of customer service and optimal results. To address the complexity of our clients’ wealth management needs, we create tailored strategies that align with their individual goals and needs. We work as an extension of their family and collaborate with them to provide customized solutions and quality financial advice. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we deliver the highest level of client service and the best possible results.
Personal Wealth Advisory
Our team of estate and tax experts and our network of experienced financial advisors provide objective, unbiased and highly valuable advice to our clients and help them make informed decisions about their assets.
Philanthropic Advisory
At Avestar, we also provide expertise in philanthropic advisory to help you plan and manage your charitable initiatives.
Trust and Estate Planning Coordination
We provide trust and estate planning services and help our clients to build a legacy that lives on. Our team of highly experienced and trusted advisors makes sure that trust and estate management across generations is simplified as per each client’s unique needs.
Next Gen Financial Education
At Avestar, we understand how critical it is to impart the right financial knowledge to the next generation. Our team of financial experts offer personalized financial education plans for our clients’ family members covering a comprehensive range of topics.
Family Legacy and Governance Advisory
Financial experts understand how important it is to plan one’s wealth across multiple generations. To help our clients build strong governance structures to their goals, we offer wealth governance advisory services.
Insurance Advisory
Having a strong insurance strategy is essential for financial security. We provide top-notch insurance advisory services suited to each client’s unique requirements.
Wealth Transfer and Estate Planning Advisory
Avestar offers advice and extensive recommendations for individuals and families looking to build a comprehensive and long-term plan for estate and wealth transfer.
Income Tax Planning Coordination
We also offer income tax advisory service to help our clients develop an income tax strategy that reduces the impact of deductions and capital losses and amplifies returns across various investments.
Financial Planning Analysis
Our financial planning analysis helps our clients to build a comprehensive financial plan with extensive recommendations across a diverse range of disciplines.
Philanthropic Advisory
For clients seeking advice on managing their philanthropic programs, we offer holistic advisory services covering donor-advised fund planning, pledge design and maintenance, and charitable use of appreciated securities.
Insurance Advisory
Avestar offers insurance advisory for insurance planning, analysis and risk evaluation. It includes advice and recommendations on life, health, property, disability and casualty insurance coverages.
Financial Education and Planning
We offer multi-generational financial education and planning services for our clients. Our team of financial experts helps our clients prepare their families for any possible financial issues that may arise in future.
Investment Planning and Administration
At Avestar, we provide comprehensive solutions in investment planning and administration, including asset allocation planning, management of multiple investment profiles, and management of all financial and investment records.
Financial Reporting
We offer comprehensive financial reporting services that cover all major aspects like cashflow, net worth, estate balance sheets, etc. Our reports are tailored to our clients’ unique needs and consolidated to simplify even the most complex financial details.
Family Office Services
Avestar also offers family office services to help clients manage their household and office. This includes cash flow and liquidity planning, bill payment, tax preparation, financial accounting and bookkeeping, and management of payroll and benefits.
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  India is the most populous country in the world with one-sixth of the world’s population. According to official estimates in 2022, India’s population stood at over 1.42 billion.

— Wikipedia

Since Avestar Capital’s founding in 2017 with $250 million in AUM, we have grown exponentially and are proud to announce that we closed this year with AUM of $1 billion.


Avestar Capital specializes in strategic financial planning for high-net-worth individuals from the South Asian diaspora, offering tailored wealth management solutions that transcend international borders. With a focus on optimizing financial growth and security, they guide clients through intricate cross-border financial landscapes with expertise and precision.


According to a Ministry of External Affairs report,
32 million NRIs reside outside India;
and overseas Indians comprise the world’s largest overseas diaspora. 

— Wikipedia