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We're on a mission to get more money into the hands of South Asian Entrepreneurs.

Our Journey to build a South Asian First Cross-Border Financial and Wealth management company began in 2017 with our founder Xerxes Mullan, a cross-border focused entrepreneur with decades of experience in private wealth management. Back then, the financial landscape was quite different. We were often told that “South Asians didn’t need customized and specialized investing advice”.

What grew from an idea to make investing accessible for South Asians now permeates Avestar and the way we design our offerings. What they needed was a curated offering of customizable investments that also addressed their cross-border financial needs. We saw the potential for growth and prosperity and fueled by our belief that there is a better way to work with the South Asian Diaspora.

Now, with a client base of the top South Asian executives and entrepreneurs, a women-led management team, over USD 1 billion in assets under management, and hundreds of clients using our advice, we get that statement less often. Today, we are an asset to our clients.

We’re also committed to ensuring that underrepresented groups are represented well among our employee base, our board, and our investors. We remain committed to our clients and develop customized financial plans that work for you and not the other way around.

We’re building a company that helps you take action with your money and build the future you want.

At Avestar, we think of everything, so you don’t have to.

Where family and finance come first.

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A ct with integrity

V alue our clients

E xcel at what we do

S trategize to provide the optimal outcome

T hink big and bold

A ccountability for ourselves and firm

R espect each other 

  • Act with integrity
  • Value our clients
  • Excel at what we do
  • Strategize to provide the optimal outcome
  • Think big and bold
  • Accountability for ourselves and firm
  • Respect each other


Our vision is to be the premier wealth management company for South Asian families, entrepreneurs, companies, and foundations; recognized for our excellence, cultural understanding and ability to build a sustained and supportive community.

Avestar Values

Avestar, embracing its meaning of “scripture,” offers clients a world of possibilities. At our core, we are a team that thrives on collaboration. We recognize the power of voicing ideas as it fuels our drive for innovation. Ethics and values serve as our compass, guiding every action we take. Above all, our dedication lies in stewarding our clients, ensuring their needs meet with utmost care. Trust and honesty are the pillars that hold us accountable. Respect is deeply ingrained in our culture towards our team members and the clients we serve. These principles embody our identity and define our unwavering commitment to excellence.
Avestar Capital

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  India is the most populous country in the world with one-sixth of the world’s population. According to official estimates in 2022, India’s population stood at over 1.42 billion.

— Wikipedia

Since Avestar Capital’s founding in 2017 with $250 million in AUM, we have grown exponentially and are proud to announce that we closed this year with AUM of $1 billion.


Avestar Capital specializes in strategic financial planning for high-net-worth individuals from the South Asian diaspora, offering tailored wealth management solutions that transcend international borders. With a focus on optimizing financial growth and security, they guide clients through intricate cross-border financial landscapes with expertise and precision.


According to a Ministry of External Affairs report,
32 million NRIs reside outside India;
and overseas Indians comprise the world’s largest overseas diaspora. 

— Wikipedia