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Avestar Capital’s global financial advisory services platform focuses on helping entrepreneurs simplify their complex financial profiles. Our expertise leverages human capital, financial data, and technology to manage assets effectively and grow wealth through an extensive network of opportunities and ideas. Our digital financial platform helps us execute wealth management and planning solutions for our clients.

With decades of direct experience, our team of investment specialists will provide a comprehensive range of customized solutions with responsive and reliable service to ensure your needs are promptly and fully addressed. Our scalable, efficient portfolio construction and engineering allows us to manage a low-cost environment across execution, rebalancing, capital gains and fees. As part of Avestar Capital, we are keenly in tune with your needs, and will proactively reach out with new services and solutions as are they are made available. You will also have direct access to our dedicated team to answer any questions. 

We are partners in your success.

Avestar Capital’s proprietary asset allocation process provides customized investment solutions at appropriate risk levels:

Avestar Capital offers capital management services. Our customized solutions come with cutting-edge technology, industry expertise, and thorough research and analytics. Our digital financial assessment solutions help us provide highly competent capital management solutions for a diverse set of clients.

Avestar Capital also provides cross-border services to clients with a diverse international financial portfolio. Our cross-border financial planning and wealth management ensures that our clients get the most profitable solutions while remaining compliant with specific laws.

Avestar Capitals investment solutions ensure that each client finds the investment opportunity best suited to their unique needs. We aim to build robust investment portfolios and find opportunities across industries to help our clients stay on top of their investment game.

Technology has always remained central to Avestar Capital’s solutions. Our leading-edge platform is equipped with comprehensive financial tools to help our clients find the best solutions and grow their profiles. We also help our clients understand and incorporate financial technology in their business/financial practices.

Finding a lending solution that fits one’s needs can be tricky. At Avestar Capital, we provide fully customized lending solutions to suit our clients’ needs. With the help of our platform and our finance and lending experts, we ensure that our clients get the best options to choose from.

With the help of our state-of-the-art platform and a team of experienced industry professionals, Avestar Capital has access to the best research, reporting, and analytics in finance, investment, and lending. We offer access to a wide range of reports and analytics from top analysts, enabling our clients to make better financial decisions.

Our platform is designed to find the best solutions for every client’s unique needs. With the help of this platform and our team of financial experts, we locate the best insurance for our client’s specific needs.

At Avestar Capital, we facilitate a centralized financial management and financial accounting structure in a unified way under the network environment. With the wide application of information technology, the entire Avestar Capital team is updated in real-time on market conditions and trends. With this technology, we’ve discovered centralized methods to preserve our client’s wealth by improving the efficiency of fund allocation.

We establish trusting, lasting relationships with clients. By taking the time to understand your specific goals, we curate a plan specific to you. This plan, formulated with a balance sheet approach, will seek to reduce your risk while also offering new investment opportunities and fulfilment of your long-term Avestar Capital goals.

We seek to lower your risk and strengthen your financial profile by incorporating liquidity in your portfolio. These liquid assets will vary within themselves; we offer access to equities ranging in growth, value, and capitalization as well as fixed income ranging in duration, risk level, and tax sensitivity. We prioritize downside protection and a barbell strategy to maximize your goals in the long term. Our access to both global and domestic securities also allow us to tailor your portfolio to your desired international exposure.

We provide you with a variety of alternative investments that seek to help diversify assets of your portfolio. Our investment team conducts thorough and timely research to identify asset classes that maintain a low correlation to traditional forms of investment. These classes, which may include hedged equity, private equity, private credit, and real estate, often exhibit relative liquidity.

At Avestar Capital, we assist our local and global clients by offering consulting services to help reflect their individual goals. Our services are focused on key client processes that help, design, manage, and execute changes that are necessary to reflect our client’s priorities. Some areas we advise our clients in include investment recommendations, financial due diligence, financial planning and analysis, tax and estate planning coordination, and more.

We always have team members ready to provide and guide you through solutions. Our members, along with our technology, help you create a plan customized to you and your family’s specific needs and objectives. We offer interaction-based services as well as technology-integrated and technology-pure services. All our services are here to help you secure a prosperous financial future.

We aid our clients in their financial situation with the goal that they all pay the lowest taxes possible on their direct income and investment income. Additionally, we introduce clients to traditional IRA accounts to help minimize their taxes now so that they be fiscally secure in the future.

We invest directly in real estate investment classes to add diversification amongst our clients’ portfolios and to serve as a hedge against inflation. These real estate investments are typically less liquid and are used to enhance your risk-adjusted return while complementing your traditional investments in equities or fixed income.

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  India is the most populous country in the world with one-sixth of the world’s population. According to official estimates in 2022, India’s population stood at over 1.42 billion.

— Wikipedia

Since Avestar Capital’s founding in 2017 with $250 million in AUM, we have grown exponentially and are proud to announce that we closed this year with AUM of $1 billion.


Avestar Capital specializes in strategic financial planning for high-net-worth individuals from the South Asian diaspora, offering tailored wealth management solutions that transcend international borders. With a focus on optimizing financial growth and security, they guide clients through intricate cross-border financial landscapes with expertise and precision.


According to a Ministry of External Affairs report,
32 million NRIs reside outside India;
and overseas Indians comprise the world’s largest overseas diaspora. 

— Wikipedia