Xerxes Mullan’s journey to Avestar Capital

Avestar Capital is a global financial advisory platform, connecting human capital with financial data and expertise. We are an independent advisory firm with an entrepreneurial spirit that leads to optimally managing our client’s portfolios with more freedom, flexibility, and novel ideas and opportunities. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing our customers with exceptional tech-enabled services. The Founding Partner and one of the Global Wealth Advisors at Avestar Capital, Xerxes Mullan, brings a ton of experience to the table and is keen to grow the business by creating a network of shared ideas and opportunities.

The Board of Directors at Avestar Capital maintain checks and balances on the operations of the firm, further strengthened by the Chief Compliance Officer Stacey Gillespie. The highly accomplished team of Global Advisors at Avestar Capital has decades of investment experience and is highly skilled in their fields.

Xerxes Mullan is an honored graduate of Yale University. He holds an MBA in Finance and Strategy from Yale, Masters in Commerce in Macroeconomics, and a Bachelors in Commerce in Accounting & Economics from the University of Mumbai. Xerxes was born and raised in India, while he always aspired to be a pilot and came to the United States to study the same, he found an internship in the finance industry. That was the start of his roaring career as a financial advisor. He was responsible for leading and managing a team as well as managing the investments of their clients.

Previously, he worked as the Managing Director– Investments at the Private Banking and Investment Group at Merrill Lynch. Xerxes has dabbled in portfolio management. His skills of entrepreneurship and managing human capital have ultimately led him to become a seasoned financial advisor. Xerxes also worked with Goldman Sachs & Co. in its Investment Management Division in New York, London, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

At Avestar Capital, Xerxes believes in enhancing and bolstering the strengths of his team to the fullest. Moreover, he builds a very approachable work environment so that everybody remains engaged and can deliver to their fullest potential. Xerxes emphasizes that the employees should build new skill sets and work in a diverse culture addressing a wide range of economic and financial problems. He believes that the financial advisory industry requires the ability to make appropriate connections needed to provide financial services and discover novel opportunities in the market. The financial advisory business is very much dependent on the social network of connections that one makes since this is where new and ground-breaking ideas are found. Xerxes has always been passionate about his hobby of flying, and to this day indulges in it from time to time, alongside managing his career at Avestar Capital. Watch more about career from the man himself… Click here