Summer Internship Program at Avestar Capital

We are a wealth and financial management company with a sophisticated clientele from different parts of the world. We are a modern and independent global financial advisory platform. Our focus is the entrepreneur. We help them advise, integrate and simplify across their complex global balance sheets. Avestar Capital Founding Partner, Xerxes Mullan, also looks at recognizing and training new talents to their fullest potential, aligning the goals of the firm with that of any individual. To support this, we have a Summer Internship Program that runs annually.

This summer internship with Avestar Capital was started many years ago by Xerxes Mullan (Founding Partner, Avestar Capital) and the team and has been a huge hit since, making it a regular occurence. We usually cater to the youth that are driven within the field of finance and wealth, children of the existing clients, and other potential candidates. Avestar Capital has an extremely competitive entry process for this program to ensure that we filter the most ambitious talent. We support the children who are going to inherit the wealth as they already possess the fundamental tools they need for their future. Avestar Capital wants to coach each of these individuals with every aspect of finance and investments that include – banking, trading, asset management, wealth management, taxation, financial planning, philanthropy, private equity, and hedge funds, cross border issues. At the firm, we try to involve these candidates as much as possible in our daily operations and involve them with existing clients for a radical learning experience. This will act as a bridge between the classroom’s theoretical learning & the practical working world. With a finance internship, it is evident that you will be able to learn how to apply classroom knowledge & skills in your workplace effectively. Moreover, the interns are able to gain first-hand experience, knowledge and understanding of the situations at Avestar Capital.

This annual internship program also benefits candidates for professional skills development. The interns can develop crucial communication skills such as writing a professional email, responding to the official emails, etc. During internships, interns will be able to explore the art of talking and communicating with people in the organization. This helps build and boost confidence. With the Summer Internship program, one can choose the best career paths that fit them and suit their interests or liking. Every internship is different based on the job as well as the company. With internships, interns will be able to test their future career plan before they begin a full-time job journey. By working with experts in the field and by gaining a sense of the real world expectations, job roles and responsibilities, the interns can better decide their profession and careers. This further helps them pursue any specific specialization course in the field of finance that will give them a deeper understanding.

This internship program created by Xerxes Mullan and the team at Avestar Capital is an especially competitive process. It aims to give the candidates a first-hand experience of the finance world. We go beyond the theoretical concepts of financial advisory and shape them for the near future of the industry. They get opportunities for networking with professionals who have been in the field for numerous years. This kind of networking will help them grow and groom them as cultured individuals. Furthermore, the case-study based learning techniques and having to deal with a live client base will mold and sharpen their soft skills for the business. The candidates can learn to work as a team and understand the importance of broader concepts. In addition, they get to present the case to the learned professionals once solved, which gives them a better understanding of the inner workings and helps them broaden their horizons.

Once we have filtered out potential candidates, we provide an option of opting for dual internships that happen for an equal term in 2 countries, the United States and India. Both of these countries have different cultures and people tend to have different mindsets when it comes to managing one’s wealth. These situations will give the interns a unique exposure to how things work with other individuals, entrepreneurs, C-level executives and more. This gives them a taste of every possible financial goal that clients may have and prepares them for a number of contingencies while molding them to be highly independent individuals who will most likely flourish in the given field. This program gives them a chance to shadow highly experienced individuals of the team as and when there’s an opportunity to, to provide them with a sneak peek into what it takes to walk on the path of success in this industry.

Avestar Capital’s Summer Internship Program involves teaching each intern about strategic investments of entrepreneurs, real estate – direct funds, private investments, and multiple other investment opportunities. This diverse pool of learning helps them explore the industry of financial advisory further and helps them pick their sphere of interest for them to excel in. The program allows each candidate to spend some time with the industry professionals and existing experts, which helps them learn more about the stream.