Sandeepa Vig- Global Advisor at Avestar Capital

The financial advisory industry has long been commanded by large brokerage firms and wire houses. However, the scenario has largely changed as more advisors are choosing to go independent. The opportunity to grow and build something of your own along with increased freedom and flexibility is a key selling point for advisers to move to the independent space. We are one such independent global advisory. The Founding Partner of Avestar Capital, Xerxes Mullan, previously the director at Merrill Lynch sought to cater especially to entrepreneurs, C-suite executives and ultra-high net worth families.

Xerxes Mullan believes that technology, especially fintech, is a space that is rapidly changing and must be leveraged to meet the goals of our clients. As with any good financial advisory, the portfolio managers at Avestar Capital form the backbone of the operations. We believe in roping in highly experienced members whose experience may benefit the firm as well as the clients. The team has a wide range of experience across different fields and they all come in with incredible industry knowledge. The team has guided and directed entrepreneurs throughout the stages of a business life cycle- from the initial capital raise up to the monetization plan. This level of knowledge, experience and proficiency is essential to help the clients stay ahead of the technology curve.

Sandeepa (“Sandy”) Vig is a Portfolio Manager and Global Advisor at Avestar Capital and has amassed over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. Sandeepa worked at India Infoline (IIFL) for 16 years in India. She is one of the largest wealth managers in India and is an asset herself to the cross-border client servicing team at Avestar Capital.

With better quality virtual communication and interaction between countries and globalization, individuals can easily cross national borders. They can leave their native countries and homes to look for better work opportunities and higher standards of living. Globalization has also led to higher cross-border business. The barriers to entry are lower and there is greater ease of setting up business. However, there are a number of unique challenges and issues that arise when it comes to financial reporting, tax obligations, managing assets, to name a few. This is where financial advisors like us with a focus on cross-border clientele step in to lessen this burden and effectively help manage their wealth. Cross-border clients have different considerations and goals that financial advisors must consider to help them achieve their financial goals. US and foreign tax protocols, various sources of income, the country where the client expects to stay, capital gains, foreign investment- the list of services that international clients need is exhaustive and complicated. To conclude, advisors who deal with international and cross-border clients must understand a wide range of rules and regulations and make certain resources available to their clients to navigate this complex maze. Sandeepa’s substantial skills are integral to help grow Avestar Capital in the cross-border financial advisory business.

Sandeepa works on setting up strategic alliances with other financial services businesses that can help Avestar Capital achieve our overall objectives and strategy. She has a great network of people and professionals in the financial advisory space, which is very important in the financial advisory business, more so when dealing with cross-border clientele. As someone with abundant institutional experience in the financial services business, she thinks at an institutional level which makes her an astute and highly competent advisor. Sandeepa is an accomplished business builder and a capital markets’ professional, with a specialization in Institutional Equities/ ECM and Wealth Management. Her market knowledge and experience adds a nuance as well as great value to her clients. She has been able to build strong client relationships through her passion for the business, her impressive service and her relationship skills. Sandeepa has an enthusiastic approach towards training and enabling women to become accomplished wealth managers. Her excellent leadership skills developed over her years at IIFL.

At IIFL Sandeepa founded and led the Private Client and Wealth Management business which started with a 20 member team and was eventually scaled up across 200 branches. This business made profit in the very 1st year of operations which in turn helped the firm turn profitable and funded other ventures as well. She received the “Leadership Award of the Year” in recognition of her huge success.

Sandeepa’s areas of specialty are Private Client and Wealth Management, Equity Capital markets, and Institutional businesses. She drives strategic capital raising efforts for private and public listed companies and for different institutional clients such as large long only funds, private equity and sovereign wealth funds with deal sizes from $100mn to $1bn. She led a $500mn transaction that enabled one of the largest global PE funds to exit a partial stake in their publicly traded portfolio company

Her collaborative approach to constructing and leading teams and her penchant for cultivating successful long-standing customer relationships make her invaluable to the team at Avestar. Sandeepa spent most of her life in Mumbai, India and is now based in New York city but often travels to India for our cross-border business. She lives with her husband and her daughter studies at a University in Boston. Apart from work, Sandeepa is avidly involved in volunteering and working to help the community.

Experience and background are crucial indicators of a good and reliable wealth management firm and Avestar Capital intends to embody these values through our team of professionals. The team at Avestar Capital is elated to have Sandeepa on board.