Meet our Board of Directors

Every firm has a promising team that hopes to achieve their individual goals as well of those of the firm. At Avestar Capital our solid Board of Directors is a team that forms and executes strategies to lead the company on a growth trajectory. In addition to the Board’s role in this regard, the individual committees at Avestar Capital help improve the governance of the firm with their valuable insights. The team also supports fiduciary wealth management practices by providing sophisticated financial planning resources, unbiased access to products and solutions, and a world-class investment management platform. Xerxes Mullan, the Founding Partner is on the Board of Directors along with Dinyar Devitre, S.A. Ibrahim, Sundar Subramaniam, and Ranjit Tinaikar.

The Board of Directors at Avestar Capital will help you gain trustworthy insights, advice, and research to steadily grow your wealth. The Board works towards professionalizing the firm and creating accountability for the shareholders, forming a strong background, and developing goodwill. They all are involved with managing the business while providing checks and balances whenever necessary. Avestar Capital’s Board looks after the accountability and management of the team. Furthermore, the Board is also attentive regarding the business needs to help ensure that the scale of operations runs smoothly.

The ethos of our firm is based on ensuring that there is utmost trust and transparency amongst the clients and our team. Therefore the Board has also appointed a well-experienced Compliance Committee that does thorough research and due diligence in a highly regulated industry. They make sure to leave no stone unturned when it comes to making their clients feel secure about their investments and capital. Avestar Capital has always stood for doing right and fair by the clients that trust us with their wealth/assets and we try our best to deliver the desired results. To ensure you meet your investment objectives Avestar Capital’s team uses top-of-the-line technology, knowledge, and processes.

The Board of Directors at Avestar Capital was born with a single objective, of enabling wealth creation for our clients through quality and conflict-free investment management. The use of technology is our cornerstone in ensuring that we can reach across demographics and geographies, providing a convenient, low-cost – high-quality, process-driven, goal-oriented, wealth creation platform. We are experts at what we do and we measure success based on how we are able to help our clients meet their investment objectives. The role of the Board is focused on extremely specific tasks and can be filled by electing someone who is currently on the Board of Directors or even by nominating someone who is not presently serving on the Board. Although seniority may be considered, the selection process is frequently focused on who is interested and who is the best qualified.

Essentially, it is the role of the Board of Directors to hire the CEO and assess the overall direction and strategy of the business. The CEO is responsible for hiring all of the other employees and overseeing the day-to-day operation of the business. Recruiting, supervising, retaining, evaluating, and compensating the CEO and other managers are the most important functions of the board of directors. The Board serves a strategic purpose by establishing the organization’s vision, mission, and goals. The Board is in charge of designing the company’s governance framework. The articles of governance provide a framework, but the Board of Directors at Avestar Capital determine a set of policies. They also have to make sure the assets of the company are kept in good order.

The Board of Directors strive to transition the firm to becoming a bigger business, keeping in mind personal growth of the employees as well. Having such seasoned and responsible professionals on the Board really adds to the value of the company. The Board believes in setting the pace on deliverables in a timely manner. They have also appointed competent and promising compliance professionals to help conduct our operations with utmost transparency. To further reassure their clients, The Board has a robust Audit and Risk Committee and Investment Committee. Avestar Capital and our Board have also set up a Compensation Committee and believe that every scenario should be handled with complete discretion and professionalism to help ensure a promising future for the company. The Board of Directors is in charge of monitoring and controlling the organization. The auditing process is overseen by the Board, which also selects the auditor. It is the responsibility of ensuring that the audit is completed on schedule each year.

The Board of Directors at Avestar stands for building a growing legacy with all employees and aligning the goals of the firm along with those of the individuals on their way forward.