Meet Managing Partner at Avestar Capital- Mr. Ramu Potarazu

Mr. ​​Ramu Potarazu joined Avestar Capital as the Managing Partner earlier in 2021. Mr. Potarazu has more than two decades of experience in key executive management and leadership across various industries, having helped multiple businesses scale to their fullest potential. At Avestar Capital, Mr. Potarazu works closely with Xerxes Mullan, the Founding Partner, to help manage and support the growth of the firm, while enhancing the platform offerings to meet the needs of Avestar Capital’s versatile client base.

Mr. Potarazu was recognized as one of the Top 20 Chief Information Officers in 1998 by CIO Magazine and was honored as the 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year® by Ernst & Young for Technology, Eastern Division. Mr. Potarazu attended the Stanford Executive Program from 1995-1997 which further enhances his solid academic background.

His responsibilities include acquisition and integration of financial advisors (and their firms) onto Avestar Capital’s platform. Mr. Potarazu has several years of entrepreneurial experience. He now focuses on helping Xerxes Mullan grow the business inorganically and develop a strong market position for Avestar Capital. He works seamlessly with external bankers and brokers to create a flow of business.

Mr. Potarazu offers financial advice to high net-worth clients. He conducts financial planning, investment management, and assists in preserving and generating wealth. He is focused on helping build a differentiated platform for the firm. Building a unique and differentiated platform is key to attract new clients and global financial advisory practices too. Our plans at Avestar Capital for 2022 are to launch an Investment Management Business initiative across 3 key product segments - Marketable Securities, Alternate Investments and Real Estate Opportunities which will help the firm set itself apart from the competition and address the alternative investment needs of our client segments. His responsibilities as a Managing Partner include relationship management, helping clients with account details, and providing advice on financial investments.

Xerxes Mullan and the team at Avestar Capital believe in a diverse hiring strategy. This translates to diversity of thought and people from different backgrounds within the firm. Mr. Potarazu does not come with a background of wealth management and bringing him on at Avestar Capital as Managing Partner has brought us a fresh and different perspective. He also has a major experience of scaling businesses to their fullest potential. His fluency with technology has worked wonders when it comes to diversifying the plans of our clients. He is an extremely organized Managing Partner who has smooth management processes and procedures that he brings to the table. This proves to be very effective when it comes to leadership skills and helps motivate everyone at the company.

Mr. Potarazu is ideal as a Managing Partner because along with the financial advisory he also helps scale the firm’s operations at the optimum level. Furthermore, he is very good at spending time in finding, attracting and integrating the advisors and their teams onto the platform.. His rich multi-industry experience has given Avestar Capital a deeper understanding of various other markets that has given him more insight into their own operations and management. Mr. Ramu Potarazu has a very well-known network of professionals and people from different fields that he brings to the table.

He is responsible for handling the day-to-day operations at Avestar Capital and helps make essential business decisions. He works closely with the Executive Committee to set up organizational strategies and goals. Ramu, along with Xerxes, are the leading point in the chain of communication and collaboration with stakeholders, including executives and employees. Moreover, Ramu reviews financial activities, including accounting tasks, budgets, financial statements and reports. Ramu ensures the business complies with relevant laws and regulations while assessing organizational and personnel performances, implementing changes as needed for improvements.

Avestar Capital continues to invest aggressively in our inorganic growth opportunities – Merging/Acquiring Financial Advisors and integrating their clients and books of business on to the Avestar Platform. We continue to strengthen the team by upgrading talent with highly qualified professionals including signing up with external resources like Investment Bankers and Brokers to help us in executing our inorganic strategy.

Furthermore, Ramu has experience creating a great value proposition as to why one should consult with Avestar Capital. With his foresightedness, he helps Xerxes build a vision and mission, namely for Avestar Capital to align the long-term goals with the team’s daily functions as well. Mr. Potarazu builds the right teams to contribute to the smooth operation of the firm. In addition, Mr. Potarazu is very well versed in the changing technology that our industry faces, which works in the favor of the clients. Mr. Ramu Potarazu is an important asset to Avestar Capital.