Meet Mr. Sundar Subramaniam, Investment Committee Chair

Avestar Capital is spear-headed by some exceptional professionals with a wide range of skill sets necessary for an organization to grow. One of them is Mr. Sundar Subramaniam, an integral part of Avestar Capital. Mr. Subramaniam, along with Founding Partner, Xerxes Mullan have built a successful team and a great network of professional individuals at Avestar Capital.

Mr. Sundar is not just a member of the Board of Directors but is also a head of the Investment Committee. He is also the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Cambridge Devices, Inc. Mr. Subramaniam co-founded Knome, Inc. in 2007 and served as its Chief Executive Officer. He also serves as Director of 38 Studios, LLC and C-Suite Labs Limited, along with being a Director at Comply Global Limited. These are a few of his achievements before he started his impactful work at Avestar Capital.

Apart from his professional endeavors, he also excelled at academic pursuits over the years. He has lectured at MIT and Harvard, and also is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Finance at Brandeis University. Mr. Subramaniam received his Bachelor of Science in Economics and Computer Science from Brandeis University, an M.B.A. from MIT and an M.S. from the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology.

His contribution at Avestar Capital has been tremendous and helped us reach goals at an accelerated pace. His knack of understanding the financial market and fiscal policies remains unmatched. Mr. Subramaniam’s invaluable experience with his own hedge fund combined with his management skills has worked wonders for Avestar Capital. As a successful entrepreneur, he knows what services people are looking for and is able to tap into his wide-ranging experiences to address this need.

Mr. Subramaniam lives in New York with his wife and has two children. He is a member of the club Tiger 21. Tiger 21 is an exclusive network for health creators and preservers, a peer membership organization serving as your own personal board of directors. The network has quite a few fellow successful entrepreneurs, investors and executives. Furthermore, he has encountered and experienced multiple managers and products and asset classes, pertaining to his field of work. He is very good at understanding many complex investment products, which works well for Avestar Capital’s overall growth.

Mr. Subramaniam has a talent for recognizing a combination of investment, strategy, operational experience and other important aspects. He has played a big part in building successful teams and has a great network of professionals that helps him keep up to date with the trends.

As a part of his roles and responsibilities as Investment Committee chair, he is very well versed with the regulations and their fiduciary duties. Mr. Subramaniam has a firm grasp of the procedures outlined in the plan document for managing the client’s assets, including their investment strategy. He is extremely committed to learning what he needs to know to make informed decisions. It is the responsibility of committee members to stay abreast of changes in any fiscal regulations and legal rulings that affect the client's management.

He is also responsible for creating an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to include an investment philosophy and investment strategy. Due diligence procedures for selecting and monitoring investment options are well-articulated. The IPS include benchmarks for measuring plan performance. The IPS is reviewed annually to account for any inconsistencies in plan management. One of the primary responsibilities of the Investment Committee chair is to demonstrate that a prudent process is in place and followed for making decisions. This is done through detailed documentation of meeting activities and any decisions made. The committee always includes a fiduciary audit file that includes all investment related documentation.

Mr. Subramaniam is also an anchor investor in Avestar Capital. Mr. Subramaniam works closely with Xerxes Mullan to develop a solid flourishing strategy for Avestar Capital’s growth and helps give it a definite long-term goal. His set of cross border experience goes a long way in developing a lasting relationship with the firm;s clients from different parts of the world. In addition to that, Mr. Subramaniam is well-involved with all his portfolio companies to get a better understanding doing justice to every step of the way.

Mr. Subramaniam has an extensive network of ideas and opportunities that helps our firm prepare and address any future challenges that we might have to face. Mr. Sundar Subramaniam’s skills play a pivotal role in shaping a bright future for Avestar Capital and the firm is fortunate to have him as a part of our team.