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Avestar Capital provides financial guidance to entrepreneurs and other wealthy families engaged in all stages of the business life cycle.  Our clients utilize and enhance our network and benefit from our personal relationships and professional partnerships, creating a valuable connectivity that has become Avestar’s unparalleled asset.

Serial Entrepreneurs: Our expertise is working with dynamic serial entrepreneurs who are driven to reinvest their success in new opportunities and other high impact strategies.  We provide a valuable partnership of advice both during their growth stage and whilst planning for an exit, as well as managing their balance sheets thereafter.

Established Entrepreneurs: Many of our established entrepreneurial clients turn to us for guidance on structuring their personal, corporate ownership and financial holdings optimally, while creating enhanced tax efficiency, asset protection and wealth transfer opportunities. And Avestar's unique network can potentially facilitate any appropriate capital introductions, or connect them with potential strategic advisors/board members.

Emerging Entrepreneurs: Our wealth incubator practice focuses on working with emerging entrepreneurs, investing in them with customized financial planning strategy structures and solutions.  Our value-add includes potentially connecting them with the right capital introductions and access to our network of valuable contacts - all designed to help them achieve long-term profitability.

C-Suite Executives

We have years of experience helping to solve the uniquely complex wealth and compensation challenges faced by C-Suite Executives, insiders and other restricted stock and stock option participants.  Our deep understanding and experience in the areas of concentrated stock risk management, monetization and tax optimization techniques, and the subsequent regulatory filings administration has enabled us to build an expertise in this segment of wealth creation.

Entrepreneurial Professionals

We also work closely with entrepreneurial professionals for sophisticated financial advice across their balance sheets - including wealth that is created in the form of Fund Carried Interest or through Company Stock/Option grants or their Private Practices.  We take a comprehensive approach to creating a financial plan - including appropriate structuring, developing an efficient monetization plan and risk management:

  • Private Equity/Venture Capital/Hedge Fund Principals
  • Financial Professionals and Investment Bankers
  • Private Practice Physicians and Attorneys
Cross-Border Clients

We excel at solving challenges for clients whose balance sheets span multiple geographies and have complex multi-jurisdictional planning issues.  Our team is deeply experienced in cross-border wealth/tax planning, global financial advisory needs, and structuring multi-geographical trusts and other investment vehicles to help these clients safeguard their wealth.

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